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Anomalie-Erkennung am komplexen Bauteil
Anomalie-Erkennung am Spritzguss

Quality control for injection molded products

Aprion GmbH has implemented multiple projects in the area of ​​anomaly detection in an injection molding system for a large german car manufacturer. In one case, eleven injected features are checked on two components at the same time. One of these components can be seen in the picture on the left. In the other case, a total of more than 60 pins are checked for breakage in the injection molding machine.

Easy integration

Both applications are designed for four component types. Two cameras take a picture for both projects. An AI analyzes predefined features and decides whether the feature is OK or NOK. Both applications are fully integrated into the PLC process. From starting the process for the running type, to changing the type, printing the label and placing the manufactured parts on the right conveyor. The APS for both solutions can be operated via WebGUI from an arbitrary device.

Welliger abstrakter Hintergrund
Fehlstellen am Spitzguss des Polymer Hybrid
Erkannte Anomalie im Kunststoff

Anomaly detection on printings

In this use case, the focus is on the complete inspection of a print and the underlying surface. In this application, multiple tasks are interconnected and fully integrated into the APS (Aprion Production System).

1.) Verification of the print material (text and language).


2.) Independent of the orientation.

3.) Anomaly detection of the print and the substrate.


4.) Perspective representation of the results on the print material for transition into an AR/VR application.

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